Our Readers

People who are happy tend to be healthier, more satisfied with life and their relationships, and they live longer.
Live Happy consumers strive to improve their quality of life through joy, gratitude, meaning and service. Interested in happiness, health, lifestyle and celebrity stories, they are an active group of achievers and seekers.

Our readers are a happy bunch.

The majority of our audience is women.

More than 42% of our audience are in their top earning years.

More than 50% of our audience are among the most affluent households in the U.S.

Our readers are among the most affluent in the U.S.

They are:
  • Affluent, highly-educated parents
  • Professionals
  • Upscale Homeowners
  • Savvy Investors
  • Charitable Contributors
  • Healthy hand fit
  • Nature enthusiasts

Our readers own desirable properties, travel widely, spend time shopping online, and are supporters of the arts.

They have sophisticated tastes with the income to purchase luxury goods, are interested in designer labels and are large contributors to charitable causes. They are at the peak of their professional careers, interested in the latest technology, and are likely to play golf and have a stock portfolio.

The highest percentage of our readers are 2Xs more likely than the average American to:

  • Work in business, law, science and technology.
  • Have spent more than $5000+ on latest trip.
  • Travel to Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Own more than 3+ vehicles.
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